A generative painting program built in TouchDesigner which uses real-time color sampling and music-reactive geometry to remix a source image using sound. 
The size, shape, and location of each brush is determined by real-time analysis of audio channels. Rhythm, and High, Mid, and Low frequencies are sampled independently to yield brush choreography specific to the tone of each song. 
The color data from the source image is concurrently sampled in detail, to provide each brush both with the clearly recognizable colors, and those more subtle tones, to generate a palette in keeping with the detail work of the original artists. 
The system was built using TouchDesigner, and can paint using both stored images and recorded audio, as well as with live audio/visual inputs. Through generative abstract art, we can therefore see a Bruce Springsteen song painted in the palette of Van Gogh, or witness a tapestry of the colors and sounds of our present moment unfurling in realtime.
"Starboy" (The Weeknd) 
"Great wave off Kanagawa" (Katsushika Hokusai)
"Moonlight Sonata" (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
"Mona lisa" (Leonardo Da Vinci)
"Bury a friend" (billie eilish)
"guernica" (pablo picasso)
"in my veins" (andrew belle)
"untitled painting in red" (Mark Rothko)
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