Using volumetric capture assets created in partnership with 8i, we generated an app in Unity to showcase the performances of 11 members of the MFA acting program at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. 
Above is an offline render of a continuously looping "cut scene" to which introduces players to the environment. Players also have the ability to "fly" the Dante character around the landscape, interact with other characters by triggering their performance loops, and toggle between the "cut scene" and play mode at any time. 
Design + Development  - 
Rey Jarrell
Jamie Atlas

Art Direction- 
Rey Jarrell
3D Modeling - 
Rey Jarrell
Direction - 
Jeff Burke
Jean Louis Rodrigue
Production Manager - 
Renée MacDonald
Production Assistants - 
Jarod Angst
Mira Winick
Performers -
 Michael Bauer - Su Castillo - Robert Charles - Shaofei Chen - Rogelio Douglas III - Chelsea Giles - Isaac Ramsey - Ulato Sam - Kate Schott - Annalise Staudt - Shenli Zhao
Music - 
“I am the Antichrist to You” (Kishi Bashi)
“Kazakhstan” (Brian Eno)
Acting for Virtual Environments Final Project
UCLA Department of Theater, Winter 2019
App + Video by UCLA REMAP
Supported by 8i & The Department of Theater, UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television
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